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For the sake of your horses’ health!

All six MOMO-AKTIV® HORSE products are extremely effective mineral feed supplements that positively influence the health and well-being of your horse. Due to various factors, nowadays many of our horses are exposed to abnormally high pressure.

Lack of natural movement, performance stress, frequent stable change in the tournament season, bay husbandry, lack of fibre-rich food such as hay and straw, constantly new horses in the stables, over-protective husbandry by excessive covering, insufficient fresh air in the stables, no paddock access, no group housing, too much medication (analgesics, antibiotics, cortisone, dewormers, etc.) lead to a massive weakening of the natural defenses of the horses.

Only a strong immune system allows horses to stay healthy and perform at their best. Especially horses that are exposed to high stress, those that are recovering after serious illnesses or operations, as well as broodmares and foals often need support to strengthen their immune system.

MOMO-AKTIV ® contains highly active bentonite montmorillonite which is capable of adsorbing and excreting water, various poisons (toxins), metabolic waste and free radicals from the body.

MOMO-AKTIV ® HORSE truly is a fountain of youth for all horses, no matter if athletes, recreational horses, foals, young horses or retired horses.

Moreover, MOMO-AKTIV ® is mixed with European herbs as well as with herbal blends that are combined in accordance with principles of Indian ayurvedic medicine. This enables activation – depending on the product – of the entire metabolism, the immune system, the liver metabolism, or the digestive tract.

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